China and the United States were surprised by the climate agreement

China and the United States were surprised by the climate agreement

The United States and China pledged on Wednesday to work together to slow global warming this decade, surprising participants at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow during the final days of the world summit.

“There is more agreement between the United States and China than disagreement, which makes it a region with huge potential for cooperation,” said Chinese climate envoy Xie Jinhua. He said at a press conference:. The publication of this joint statement makes clear once again that cooperation is the only option for both China and the United States. Working together, our two countries can achieve many important things that will benefit not only our two countries but the entire world.”

The agreement, which represents a rare moment of cooperation between the two superpowers, will tackle climate change by phasing out coal and reducing methane emissions. The United States and China are the two largest emitters of carbon dioxide in the world, According to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Xie An has a file. added ‘Agreement’ has been reached On a range of issues relating to: Paris Climate Agreement To limit global temperature rise to less than 2°C, preferably 1.5°C.

China did not comply The global promise of methane, led by the United States and the European Union, which commit the signatories to cut methane emissions by about a third. Xie said China plans to develop its own methane gas plan.

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At a separate news conference just after Shih’s meeting, US climate envoy John Kerry told reporters he was “happy” with the agreement.

There is no shortage of differences between the US and China, but on the climate front, cooperation is the only way to get the job done. He said.

Kerry said he first started talking to Shih in February after President Biden was sworn in, and the deal was the result Almost thirty negotiation sessions. He added that Biden and China Xi Jinping will hold a virtual meeting sometime in the near future.

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