Cheshire is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases as experts warn of a new national lockdown

Cheshire is seeing a spike in coronavirus cases as experts warn of a new national lockdown

Cheshire East requested additional resources and measures

The Cheshire East Council, along with the Cheshire West, Chester Council and Warrington Borough Council, has written to the Secretary of State for Health to request additional resources and measures to deal with Covid-19.

The councils worked together on a detailed document outlining what they feel is necessary to control the outbreak. It identifies the reasons behind each measure, what is required of the government and what additional resources are required.

The document outlines a case for more resources and measures over the next six months of testing, tracking contacts, support for people at risk and care homes, support for businesses, work to inform and educate the public, enforcement and support for maintaining essential public services, such as waste collection and street cleaning while rates rise Infection and employees are most at risk.

Counselor Sam Corcoran, East Cheshire Council Leader, said: “We are trying to work with the government to avoid the need to impose additional restrictions on us.

People in Warrington are already undergoing additional measures to control the Covid virus, while Cheshire West and Cheshire East are not. However, our applications to the government have been approved and supported by the Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. We also work closely with the Cheshire Police, which cover all three boroughs.

We have repeatedly tried to avoid lockdowns and further restrictions and have focused our request on measures that we believe will put us in the best position to tackle Covid-19 without resorting to a blanket lockdown.

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“While we await the government’s response, I want to reiterate that there are things we can all do to fight the virus.

“The best way for all of us to protect ourselves and each other is to maintain a two-meter social distance where possible, wash our hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water, avoid touching our faces and wear a face covering when needed. Please observe the rule of six and work from home if you are able to. Doing so – it helps make things safer for those who cannot.

“I would like to thank the people, companies, and other organizations in Cheshire East who have worked hard to abide by the rules – but now we need to do more to beat Covid-19, and secure that additional support is, safe, necessary.”

East Cheshire Board Chairman Sam Corcoran

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