Charles Hoskinson waits for the busy days for Quincollic Cardano (ADA)

Charles Hoskinson waits for the busy days for Quincollic Cardano (ADA)

As Cardano (ADA) finally prepares to launch smart contracts, Charles Hoskinson says his company and the entire ecosystem are on the verge of the busiest 90 days in history:

“This will likely be the busiest 90 days in my company’s history and ecosystem.”

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Hoskinson previously announced during the Cardano 360 event in March that the Alonzo network launch was expected to take place around August.

Hoskinson says he wants to ensure that members of society with viable projects get the support they need. Additionally, he says he wants to improve the browser experience for dApps, making it safe, secure, and easy to use.

Managing expectations

Cardano creator (ADA), who created Alonzo Hard Fork, will not be on the main network in 90 days and has warned viewers that people tend to misinterpret their words.

While the billionaire founder says he hates being late, he is also urging his followers to “control expectations”:

“We’ll all work together to do it and I hate being late. I hate setbacks and we’ve done everything we can to eliminate risks … All this, things may arise and it is important to manage expectations.”

Hoskinson Alonzo hopes the hard fork arrives at the expected time. However, he still cautions that some unforeseen events could happen.

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