Charlene resides in a rehabilitation center in Switzerland

Charlene heeft zich laten opnemen in ontwenningskliniek

Princess Charlene keeps things busy. She returned to Monaco nearly two weeks ago, but has since disappeared from the radar again. And now it turns out that she is staying not in Monaco, but in a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland.

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Not just physically

She had barely set foot in Monaco when Charlene had already left. Prince Albert has already confirmed that Charlene will not be staying in Monaco, but he will be able to visit her soon. The prince did not say where Charlene was.

However, he did reveal something about his wife’s health. “There is a lot of fatigue, but the condition is not only physical. It can only be cured with a period of rest.”

Rehab clinic?

According to the French Voici, Charlene herself would have decided to retreat. So she would leave the principality again on Monday on her way to Switzerland. Once she arrived, she was said to have spent a few days with friends. Now it’s time to recover more: Charlene has joined a rehab clinic, Fauci reports.

It is not yet known which clinic it will be. But since Albert said his wife’s condition was “not just physical,” she might be staying at The Kiss Night Practice. The site states that the treatment center is the most exclusive in the world. The clinic offers a wide range of medical and mental treatments.

But wherever she stays, we hope Charlene recovers quickly and can finally return to her family.

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