Charlene ends the radio silence from the clinic: ‘New project’

Charlene beëindigt radiostilte

He had not heard about Princess Charlene for a long time. Although she is still in a clinic in Switzerland, she will finally be back in the spotlight.

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For months it was very quiet around Charlene. Aside from health updates from the palace and husband Prince Albert, nothing has been heard from her for a long time. But now she is back on the scene with a special project.

role in series

About a year ago, Charlene was asked to play a role in the Manga Blitz series. “I agreed right away. Later she was allowed to see the drawings and did not ask for changes,” said film producer Cedric Biscay at Pont.

Charlene’s question is because this part of the series is set in Monaco. “If it was filmed in Monaco, I think it would be great to be able to involve the highest personalities in the principality in the story,” Biscay explains. He believes that it is important for the Manga series to be as realistic as possible, so that it is not seen as something that only children watch.

This isn’t the first time the princely family of Monaco has played a role in Blitz. Prince Albert was already allowed to play a manga character in Part IV. This was well received, as Biscay also plans to include Charlene and Albert in the following parts.

This is where Charlene stays

Charlene has been staying at the Swiss Luxury Rehab Clinic in Switzerland for months. The clinic is considered the most luxurious clinic in Switzerland with the best treatments.

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It is not known how Charlene is behaving now, but Albert previously stated that she suffers mainly from fatigue. “There is a lot of fatigue, but the condition is not only physical. It can only be cured with a period of rest.”

The clinic where Charlene is staying

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