Carlos Sainz on the Australian Grand Prix: Suddenly everything changed

carlos sainz melbourne

Carlos Sainz has had a really bad weekend in Australia, having appeared to gain confidence in Formula 1-75. With a tough qualification, a poor start and a retirement at the end, Sainz would like to forget about racing as soon as possible. And that’s while his teammate couldn’t have wished for a better weekend.

Preparations in Australia looked good for Sainz and the team. All the laps he drove in the top five and the Spaniard seemed to be in control of the car really well. But the qualifiers did not go so smoothly. After the red flag in Q3, his car hadn’t started, forcing him to set a one-lap time, with the tires not yet up to temperature. This resulted in ninth place at the start. To make matters worse, the start of the race did not go as planned, causing Sainz to lose a few more places and end up in the gravel.

Driving problems?

Sainz was said to have had problems with the steering wheel before the race started, so it was changed before the start. He later indicated that a number of the buttons on the steering wheel did not work at first, which partly contributed to the delay incurred in the beginning. Team Principal Mattia Binotto said the following: “We had to change it just before the formation cycle. Did that affect the start itself? I think something we need to look at, the steering wheel settings have to be matching. We need to get into the data dive to find out what It happened in the beginning.”

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Photo: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

pressure within the team

Sainz is feeling a lot of pressure within the team from his teammate Charles Leclerc, who has been around for a while at Ferrari. The Spaniard was impressed with Leclerc’s performance, and wanted to see if he could match it in Australia and how much progress he had made himself. “I felt very much at home in the car and suddenly everything turned around. The most important thing was that the team and I learned from that. It makes us stronger and anything can happen this season. We can use this weekend to get the most out of it.” Learn and make sure we get them properly for the next 20 races,” said

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