Car thieves steal cell phones?

Car thieves steal cell phones?

Car thieves steal cell phones?
You despair of the “logic” of this candidate

By Nina Jerzy

With the €500 question, Gauche already feels like the real loser. The saleswoman in a pharmacy insists: Car thieves actually target cell phones. A young participant in Gala deepens his doubts about humanity.

The candidate showed almost no emotions, while Günther Gautsch despaired very early. Utti Schindler, of Gelsenkirchen, looked almost depressed to advance to the seat when she was the only one of five candidates who knew the correct answer in the selection round on Monday morning. Even then, the pharmacy chain employee seemed almost uninvolved or remained in his seat in shock beyond recognition. When I asked Gauch about her pulse, she said, “Don’t get mad,” but don’t quite calm down either. However, no question remains unanswered regarding Gauch’s heart rate when it comes to a really simple €500 question. “What do I do with it?” At one point the mediator couldn’t help but ask helplessly.

The question may have been a little awkward, but it was basically simple. Schindler should know: Who generally targets not what his name suggests, but wallets and cell phones, for example: a car thief, a pickpocket, a fisherman, a jewel thief? The racer for some reason stuck to the idea that a car thief breaks into a car primarily to steal wallets and cell phones, not the car itself.

The candidate lets Gauoch walk away from the faith

Jauch did his best to play in all situations clearly. For the correct answer, try it with undisguised sarcasm: “Pickup, on the other hand: he just wants to take the bag with him. What does he do with the wallet? And with women’s bags today, he always takes the bag.” The candidate nodded in agreement: “Then (car thief).”

Then Gauch decided somewhat alone that the native of Cottbus took the Joker the audience. The RTL host demanded: “It should come out between 110 and 120 percent” and as a precaution, he positioned himself with a long microphone to block out any weaknesses in the studio. But all viewers decided to pickpocket. “Well, I had a lot of fun. It went well again,” Gauch summed up, which again caused hardly a reaction from the candidate.

Schindler was probably pretty sure, regardless of her experience, that she would come home with plenty of money when asked the 500-euro question. The pharmacy clerk confidently declared: “I am always lucky. I am a lucky man.” Gautch immediately countered this impression with the story of how Schindler finally bought the car from an acquaintance for a lot of money, after waiting 14 years before a dirt car arrived. He wanted to know “When were the borders opened?” “Two months later,” the candidate admitted.

WWM’s “Legendary Appearance”

16,000 euros was the end of Schindler. I accepted it very firmly. “Legendary Appearance,” Gauch judged. Commentator Heiko Schleick of Stockach in Baden-Württemberg was at the start of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Scan 64,000 euros. The hotel manager passed on a cruise ship (“a well-known German four-letter shipping company”) with confidence and courage and was very careful to keep the clowns together. Gauch complained at one point: “Just take B and go home with a couple of jokes.”

In asking for €125,000, the last two clowns were already lost and Schleck lacked the last bit of gambler’s courage to trust his intuition. He had whispered to him from the start that the apple had the Latin name “malus” (not lilies, cabbage, or tobacco), which could also mean “bad.” The hotel owner immediately thought of the Garden of Eden, Eve, and the Serpent. “Because of the fall of man? That’s a long way now,” Gauch said. The phone clown couldn’t help Schleck, but after 50:50 his favorite stopped. The candidate hesitated: “It will now be just a gamble.” “That’s her beauty,” Gauch said.

Schleck paused and had to let the moderator “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” To explain to him that his gut feeling was right. Somehow, anyway. Josh explained that the fruit is in fact not mentioned at all in the Bible. The apple got its name in a different way. “And because that’s his name, they made the story of Adam and Eve out of it. So they put the bridle in the opposite direction.”

Gauch: ‘It’s not hopeless’

With the final candidate of the evening, Gautsch immediately warned: “Be careful with the €500 question – just a little tip” was not at all wrong. Student Jara Uluth from Hanover easily reached the 2000 euro round. But it also needed the Joker the crowd and again it was all about the cars in a way. The student without cars, who is attending her degree in French-German studies, had no idea there were “smart repairs” for minor damage to the car, but not to the teeth or the lawn. “Is it as bad as the 500 euro question? Or how do you evaluate the situation?” I asked for condolences from Jauch. He was able to calm down: “She’s not so desperate and desperate with you. No need to be shy.”

On the other hand, it might have been his appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? A little uncomfortable. Joker Uloth phone. Your high school friend must know his eldest son who married billionaire daughter Nicola Peltz in April. “We’re in the Boulevard,” Gauch said to the law students. Just for fun, send: “What did you sign up for: a party…?” “Yes, yes. Gala,” the 20-year-old assured the delight of viewers in the studio.

The moderator admitted, “20 years? And you’re in the party? He’s sure as hell knows.” In fact, only one lady from the audience was able to explain that the son of David and Victoria Beckham is being sought. “If you ever need such a subscription, it will be done tomorrow in Münster,” Gauch said. Uloth returns next Monday with a question of €32,000.

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