Car news: Moody Cobra Formentor pulls the rope

Car news: Moody Cobra Formentor pulls the rope

And as you know, there are two types of Formentor – the heavy-duty VZ Formentor with a turbocharged, all-wheel drive and serious attachments, or the good-looking but easily accessible Cobra Formentor with front-wheel drive and a traditional 1.5 TSI engine.

But now we have another formator – and it’s semi-electric!

The Cupra Formentor e Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid. Technically, it’s similar to the Seat Leon e-Hybrid, Volkswagen Golf GTE and Škoda Octavia plug-in hybrid. 150 hp gasoline turbo, 116 hp electric motor plus a six-speed DSG gearbox.

“Yes, the technical part is familiar to us, but there would be no need to repeat it. 1.4 liter TSI engine with electric motor. 12.8 kWh battery. Can be charged from a regular socket in 5 to 7 hours. Absolutely quiet at night,” says Normunds Avotic. .

Since the Fomentor Hybrid can’t be charged from fast chargers, it’s obviously designed for charging at home or from medium-powered devices like the ones from IKEA. The motivation for connecting the car to a basic gadget in the home is certainly autonomous electric heating, which is only achievable in hybrids. In winter, it is an invaluable comfort.

“We’ve seen Formentor in all its colors, but not yet. This is Blue Petrol Matt. A deep, matte blue. It’s very expensive, but see how it suits you.”

And it turns out that the Cupra also made seat covers specifically designed for the Formentor.

“Hey, look in the saloon! I’ve never seen such a thing before. It’s not Volkswagen level anymore, it’s really like a British premium. It goes well with the brass-colored details.”

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Although the 245-horsepower hybrid is also considered a VZ version, the start button isn’t on the steering wheel, but in the middle of the console—like the Civic Formentor.

“Just for information – in fact, the Cupra Formentor has two rechargeable hybrids. One with 204 hp and one like this with 245. Probably the most powerful version will only be offered to us. Not many people know it, but the Cupra Formentor is in Germany And other places are even available in diesel.”

Acceleration is fast, but not fiery – from 7 seconds to a hundred. Although the hybrid’s traction is only the front wheels, it’s 100kg heavier than the top model due to the battery and other components.

“Although the car is focused on comfort, it sparks at all times. One example: we drive in comfort mode and everything is fine. We drive on gasoline and electric. Accelerate like a 245 hp engine with a small turbo. But press the sport It clearly works!”

The presence of the Cupra system categorically confirms that electrification does not harm the sporting genes of the brand.

“Well, I don’t know how to design a car with a rear of only 33 grams per kilometer, the engineers thought about this :)”

While self-charging hybrids often cost the same as conventional internal combustion engine cars, rechargeable hybrids are unfortunately much more expensive.

“Who needs such a car? It is more environmentally friendly and ultimately a handbag. I know people who know how to drive hybrid cars in just two or three months.”

To equip it, the hybrid has to be charged daily, as it can cover up to 50 kilometers with electricity alone.

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“The Formentor Cobra is generally a special car. In addition, each Formentor with a different engine has its own personality. As mentioned earlier, the technology is well known. The Cobra gave the car its character. Since everything is on the verge of electrification, but the Formentor probably will not become a car electric at the moment, this model could be a big topic in the coming years.”

Given that the available co-wheel drive electric cars from 2022 onwards will be more attractive than plug-in hybrids, the logical question is, why not take the electric Cobra Burne immediately? However, on the spot, the fuel tank increases both access and independence from the outlet.

“You may have noticed that the Formentor hybrid has Finnish numbers. The car was released to our Autobrava distributor by the importer. The car won’t go on sale until 2022, but that’s very close.”

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