Canadian cricketers beat Germany in T20 Cricket World Cup qualifiers

Canadian cricketers beat Germany in T20 Cricket World Cup qualifiers

Canada opener Ryan Pathan lost a second of her innings before captain Navneet Dhaliwal, pictured, put Matthew Spears in 85th place. Daliwall came in 14th with 37 points and 40 points.h/ The Canadian Press

Matthew Spurs scored 73 unbeaten goals to help Canada beat Germany by six wickets in Tuesday’s ranking match in the Men’s T20 World Cup Qualifiers.

The Canadian men now meet Bahrain on Thursday to determine fifth place in the eight-nation tournament.

The United Arab Emirates and Ireland won the semi-finals on Tuesday to book their tickets for the 2022 Cricket World Cup in Australia later this year.

The UAE defeated Nepal with 68 points, while Ireland defeated Oman 56 times. Bahrain beat the Philippines by 91 points in the classification round.

The Germans made it difficult for Canada, who scored the winning goal 132 with just three balls.

Canada won the lottery and was elected to compete first, with the Germans tied 131-6 in 20 times at the Al-Amerat Cricket Ground. Michael Richardson led the German batsmen off 33 balls 35 times before the Spurs threw them.

Canadian bowler Salman Zafar took three wickets.

Canada’s opener Ryan Pathan lost a second throw in her turn before captain Navneet Dhaliwal netted Tottenham on 85 points. Daliwal came in 14th place after scoring 37 points and 40 points.

Canada finished in 132 to 4. The 55-ball Spoors Battle included a 68 and four.

The Canadians, who tied the tournament record 2-2-0, missed the semi-final match when they lost to Nepal on Monday.

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“It was very difficult to get back into this match after losing,” Daliwal said. “The energy level was definitely lacking, but I am glad we were able to break the streak today. We deserve to win more matches at this level. We will try to finish the campaign on Thursday with a victory over Bahrain.”

Ireland and Oman qualified for the tournament by being eliminated from the first round of the 2021 Men’s T20 World Cup, while Nepal and the UAE secured their places by being in the men’s team MRF T20I international tire classification.

Other teams advanced through the regional qualifiers as the United States and Canada finished 1-2 in the 2021 World Cup Men’s Americas Qualifiers in Antigua.

Canada has never qualified for the T20 World Cup.

The Men’s T20 International Cricket World Cup Qualifiers is scheduled to take place from July 11-17 in Harare, with the participation of Hong Kong, Jersey, the Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Uganda, the United States and host country Zimbabwe.

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