Canada returns behind Portugal in international rugby test

Canada returns behind Portugal in international rugby test

The Canadian’s comeback was short lived on Saturday as Manuel Cardoso Pinto scored a late goal to give Portugal a 20-17 victory in the International Rugby Test.

Canada climbed to a 17-15 lead after two attempts by Corey Thomas in the second half before Portugal launched a final attack, with Pinto beating a Canadian defender to kick the ball back before returning from the Canadian end zone. Jorge Abecassis made the mistake of trying to switch from the sidelines.

This match was the Canadian men’s first since they failed to qualify for the Rugby World Cup, losing a series to the 17th-ranked United States in September and 26th-seeded Chile in October.

Cole Keith also scored an attempt for the Canadian 23rd seed, who trailed 10-5 in the match. Rob Buffy added distraction.

Thomas Appleton and Raphael Stuart made the other attempts to get number 19 in Portugal. Nono Souza – A guide to a penalty kick and converter.

The Canadian men are on their way to Brussels to play 28th in Belgium next Saturday.

Both teams made mistakes in an intermittent match in the Portuguese capital.

Portugal advanced early on trying its Appleton character. Canada reacted to Keith in the 22nd minute, beating a defender and making their way after Lucas Rumbal was sent off. But Povey missed what seemed to be a routine shift, leaving the Canadians 7-5.

The Portuguese attack is a nightmare for the Canadian defense

The Portuguese full-back advanced halfway through the Canadian defense, but some good moves ended in a mistake.

A penalty kick for Portugal in the 38th minute increased the difference to 10-5.

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Portugal had another good attack in the 48th minute to finish with a penalty a few meters from the attempt line.

The hosts boosted their lead to 15-5 in the 53rd minute, using the interference on the right and Storte’s touch in the corner to rule out an extended attack. I bounced when I tried to deviate from the other.

Canada reduced the difference to 15-10 in the 68th minute, with Thomas exiting the attacking position after a penalty from Portugal allowed the Canadians to penetrate deeper into the opponent’s territory.

Canada kept coming as the attackers headed to the Portuguese trying line. Another attempt by Thomas and Buffy gave Canada a 17-15 lead.

There were eight Toronto shares in the Canadian team’s 15 starting line-up, including captain Lucas Rumbal, and two more on the bench.

Canada has won all four of its previous matches with Portugal.

But Portugal were on track for a 49-26 victory over 22nd seed Russia in July after beating 20th seed Spain and 24th seed Netherlands earlier this year, as well as in the World Cup qualifiers.

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