Campaign Blog: NOS ’50Plus Den Haan Leader • Segers Worried About The Hoekstra

Campaign Blog: NOS '50Plus Den Haan Leader • Segers Worried About The Hoekstra

The CDA track led by Wopke Hoekstra worries party leader ChristenUnie Segers, says he on his podcast Trusted sources Posted by political commentator Jaap Janssen. “I respect him very much as a person, but I am concerned about the differences in focus and the choices he made in determining the electoral program. He makes different choices than Hugo de Jong did.”

For example, Segers describes Hoekstra’s plan to shorten the duration of unemployment benefits from two years to one year as “very imprudent”. Last week, this suggestion from the CDA leader was criticized in several quarters, which Hoekstra then described as “eclectic”. According to him, the reduction in unemployment benefits is part of a larger plan, which will include an increase in benefits.

Segers is also critical of the CDA’s plan to employ only medical professionals – in his view this should also apply to ICU nurses, for example – and removing the ban on prostitution from the electoral program. “I didn’t think it was an improvement,” concludes the ChristenUnie leader. “I did well with CDA and I see many similarities, but now I see the gap widening on some important points. I don’t think this is a gain.”

It will also criticize the other parties. For example, he wonders whether GroenLinks dares to take part in the judgment. “When things get exciting, I see a tendency to turn away from GroenLinks. It’s a party that wants to take responsibility, but I’ve noticed that they’re finding it hard. And when we make concessions, sometimes it’s hard for me to hear Jesse Cleavers scathing criticism in the room. Massive criticism in a loud tone. Then I think: Yes, dude, I did it myself! ”

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