California fires explode: new evacuations from North Complex fires in Butte and Diplomac counties, Zug Fire in Shasta County

As new fires broke out in the Wayne Country area Sunday through Monday morning, other parts of Northern California saw fires bursting as smoke began covering parts of the Bay Area again.

The North Complex fire in Butte County is back in dry, hot and windy conditions as an evacuation warning was issued for the entire city of Paradise on Sunday night.

In addition to Heaven, the Magalia community was under an eviction warning, along with an evacuation order for Konko. The three districts were torched by the November 2018 camp fire, the deadliest and most destructive forest fire in the state.

The North Complex fire began in the Butte and Diplomatic counties on August 18, and as of Sunday night, it has burned across 305,881 acres and is 78% contained, according to Cal Fire. There were 2,905 people working on the fire as of Saturday, according to the US Forest Service.

High winds and dry conditions also caused the August Combat Fire, which has been burning in Mendocino and neighboring provinces since August 16. New evacuation orders were issued this weekend in Trinity and Humboldt counties. It burned 873079 acres and was contained by 43%.

Meanwhile, a new fire broke out on Sunday in Shasta Prefecture.

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The Zug Fire swept 7,000 acres with mandatory evacuation orders in all areas south of South Fork Road and Zug Mayne Road as well as south along the Pointe Gas Corridor including all residents along Jas Point Road to Foster Drive and Platina Road west to Tihama County Line.

The creek fire in Fresno and Madeira counties increased by about 10,000 acres overnight on Saturday and tore up 302,870 acres, even as some evacuation orders were canceled in Fresno County. 39% of the fire was contained.

Emily Vancher is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. [email protected]

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