Bruges International Boat Race – has been canceled

Bruges International Boat Race - has been canceled

On the weekend of February 27-28, the Royal Rowing Society of Bruges (KRB) will unveil the 27th edition of the Bruges Regatta. However, the Coronavirus guarantees that international blasphemy will not be performed for two days.

The Brugge Boat Race can also count on fun enthusiasts’ participation with its eight bands. © ACR

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The Brugge regatta is the focus of many international rowers. The match is the opening match of the new season. Eight belts go into effect on Saturday, and smaller boat types on Sunday. The organization within KR Bruges decided to cancel the two days this year. Frank Petit: “Given the great doubts surrounding the development of the Coronavirus and the preventive measures that will be applied at that time, whether in our country or in neighboring countries, we have decided not to organize this year’s event.” Logistics complex last year would have organized the Brugge regatta, just before the lockdown began. Then on the first day of the regatta, the problem was again the big problem. The eight-belt cross races on the canal between Bruges and Ostend have been canceled due to the moderately strong winds. It was the second time in 26 years that the race could not be held with eight belts. “Obviously we’re going to cancel the entire weekend this year,” says Frank Booty. On the other hand, the financial risk for such a large event with limited attendance is very high. We’re not even talking about the logistical complexity of safely organizing a two-day sporting event, with a field of participants typically close to a thousand rowers from seven countries. We must take into account strict hygienic procedures, distance rules, obligations of mouth masks, raft restrictions, lack of changing and shower rooms, any pre-tests, contact tracing … “Smaller, national event?” The Brugge boat race is an event with A strong international event, with participants from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.“All these countries are currently affected by the same amount of strikes, even more difficult than Belgium. As with us, most of these countries have restrictions on rowing in multi-person boats. At the moment, it is not possible to train in the controlled 1980s, the number of the queen and the main event of these two days. ”Frank says,“ Finally, it is also uncertain whether the festoon procedures will be diluted enough by that time to allow smooth travel to and from Bruges. BUTI. “We are already giving our loyal international guests a date for the 27th edition of the Brugge Boat Race: February 26 and 27, 2022.” The KRB is now considering organizing a national junior limited event during the respective weekend. Once the plans are set, the organization will let you know. ACR)

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