broom! This is how the Netherlands has performed in the curling world cup so far

broom!  This is how the Netherlands has performed in the curling world cup so far

Dutch curlers sweep again! It is lower with the results of the Dutch national team in the curling world cup. In the Orleans Arena In Las Vegas, the Wouter Gösgens’ win overlapped in only 2 out of 10 matches. On Thursday morning, the Netherlands won their second match by beating Scotland 5-4.

The Dutch football team is already participating in the World Curling Championship for the fifth time in a row. Previously, the Dutch gentlemen were 11th (2017), 10th (2018 and 2019) and 12th (2021).

Winter sports in the spring?
You may be wondering why you still do winter sports when summer approaches. It should be about big money, because the World Cup will take place from 2-10 April with summer temperatures. While the maidens in the hall throw their red and yellow stones in warm clothes and then sweep hard, the temperature outside the door is about 17 degrees Celsius.

Fantastic comeback
The Dutch team made up of Carlo Glasbergen, Lorenz Hoekmann, Jaap van Dorp and Wouter Gosgens won only two games out of 10. Even his teammate lost Denmark. Tuesday morning, stone throwers Finally their first match by winning a fantastic comeback against Italy. On Thursday morning, Holland was too strong for the Scottish team: 5-4.

On Friday, April 8, the group final matches will be played against South Korea and Finland perhaps for one last honour.

Holland loses almost everything
Netherlands 4-7 Sweden
Netherlands 7-13 Germany
Netherlands 6-9 Canada
Netherlands 3-6 Switzerland
Holland 11-9 Italia
Netherlands 3-8 Norway
Netherlands 3-8 United States
Netherlands 5-11 Czech Republic
Holland 5-4 Scotland
Netherlands 2-7 Denmark

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Ranking as of Friday, April 8
1. Canada won 8/10
2. Sweden won 8/11
3. Italy, Scotland, Switzerland and the USA won 6/10

12. The Netherlands won 2/10

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