Bronze Medal for KWPN Jelviro at the World Youth Leadership Championships

Bronze Medal for KWPN Jelviro at the World Youth Leadership Championships

Starboard’s seven-year-old son Gilfero won the bronze medal last weekend at the World Youth Championships in Zilvasvarad, Hungary. The Norwegian stallion, Maria Henrikson, gave an overall score of 14.74. The gold medal with 16.54 points in this age group went to Ronsual (by Uans), presented by Polish Weronika Kwiatek and the silver medal went to Nitard du Mecolis (by Newer BW) with Mario Gondolfo of Switzerland with a total of 16, 09 points.

It was the championship tape for five-year-olds for Dreamcatcher (by De Niro), which was presented by Jessica Wächter. Hanover scored 17.07 points overall and was nearly three points behind the rest of the competition. The silver medal went to Velkan (by Velt), who scored 14.32 with Csaba Bégányi in front of the home crowd and was ahead of Henjie (by Never BW). Which got 14.17 points in total. Like the silver medal winner at the age of seven, Swiss driver Gundolfo rode it.

Six years old

Among the six-year-old girls, the daughter of Feiner Fürst DSP Noble Lady and Bettina Winkler won the championship title with a total of 1,720 points. Silver with 15.26 points was for Eckstein (by Eckstein) with Wächter, who also won a silver medal after her gold. Tokaj-S (by Ramsey) won the bronze medal with a total of 14.74 points. The black stallion was riding like a seven-year-old children’s champ by Polish driver Kwiatek.



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