British aura variant appears in more countries

British aura variant appears in more countries

The two people discovered in the Canadian province of Ontario and the variant did not travel. How the couple contracted the virus is unclear. Regional authorities say those in Spain and Canada have all been in Britain recently.

In the Madrid area, four people tested positive for the British variant. One of them is a man who arrived in Spain from Great Britain by plane last week. The authorities are still waiting for the test result from another man who arrived from Britain, but his father, mother and sister have already been found.

Do not panic

Additionally, there are a small number of people who have already been tested, but whose results are not yet known. According to the Madrid region, people who test positive for the virus are not very sick and there is no reason to panic.

People who develop the mutation do not become sicker than the “normal” variant. The difference is explained in this video:

In Sweden, the mutation was diagnosed in a person who contracted the disease after arriving from Great Britain. The Swedish authorities said that the traveler has been quarantined in Sweden and no other cases have been discovered so far.

In the Netherlands too

The British virus mutation has been previously recognized in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Ireland and Japan. The version spreads faster than the other variants, but it does not appear to make people sicker, nor does it appear to be more lethal. According to experts, Corona vaccines will also work against the mutated variant.

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Several countries announced a travel ban to the UK due to fear of the new alternative, but it was also partially reversed.

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