Bring extended nuclear power plant uptime – and speed limit

Bring extended nuclear power plant uptime - and speed limit
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Bring extended nuclear power plant uptime – and speed limit

CDU discusses a speed limit of 130

In light of the impending gas shortage next winter, not a day goes by without new savings suggestions. From declining heating to controversy over nuclear and coal-fired power, it’s all on the table. Even the speed limit is discussed again.

Traffic lights parties retreated to their trenches over issues of speed limits and nuclear power plant operating time extensions. It’s time for a coalition deal. Because both are important to security of supply.

nIt is not possible to predict how bad this will be. One thing is clear: fall and winter indicators point to a crisis. When in doubt, no one will be able to avoid the lack of gas. Politically, it is now about preventing as much damage as possible from Germany. Every individual must make a contribution, both individuals as well as in politics and business.

But rather than providing a good example, traffic lights parties and their social camps are retreating into their own trenches when it comes to speed limits and nuclear power plant uptime extensions. And they accuse themselves of the same truth: for purely ideological reasons, they cling to ancient principles!

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Vice-President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Kupecki (FDP) wrote:

The result: an always unbearable exchange of the same arguments. Speed ​​limit not only increases safety on the road, but also saves energy, says the eco-friendly. On the other hand, the liberal camp warns against undermining freedom – after all, freedom also means the ability to make unreasonable decisions.

When it comes to nuclear power, on the other hand, the argument in favor is that a longer service life would reduce dependence on gas, which is also used to generate electricity in Germany. The opposing answer should be expected: nuclear waste and security concerns.

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Robert Habeck, Minister of Economy, and Stevie Lemke, Minister of Nuclear Safety (both Greens)

Time is running out, and Germany is making no progress when it comes to the question of how to mitigate the potential consequences of gas shortages. Instead, the Greens, and the FDP in particular, continue to revolve around one question: How should they teach their supporters that they might relinquish a key position that creates their identity?

The answer will be very simple and the solution is obvious: by being able to declare success in return. So how about this: The Greens get the speed limit and the Liberals in return get a lifetime extension for nuclear power plants. Two advantages of supply security, plus a desirable side effect – government shows how cooperation works.

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Dagmar Rosenfeld, Editor-in-Chief WELT AM SONNTAG

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