Brandel: Leclerc has bruises like Hamilton’s back


Charles Leclerc is going through a difficult phase of the season. Reliability issues and strategic failures from Ferrari have already cost Monegask many points. And that hurts, says Martin Brandl.

Leclerc has started the current Formula 1 season strong with two wins in three races, but he was not the first to cross the streak since Australia. The fact that Red Bull no longer stopped occasionally has contributed to this, but the 24-year-old certainly has chances to win. However, the Ferrari leader is third in the world championship after eight laps, 34 points behind Max Verstappen.

reliability issues

“Charles Leclerc must be crazy,” says Brandel. Sky Sports† “He could have had four glorious victories. He parked the car in the pole position, great driving and then things like this happen. [technische problemen] way often. Reliability is currently costing him the chance to take part in the World Championships. The strategy cost him the chance of a big win at home in Monaco.”

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The former Formula 1 driver says that Leclerc loves Ferrari a lot and vice versa, but this should hurt a lot: “At the moment, Leclerc should feel bruised like Lewis’ back,” it seems. The Italian superpower will get a chance in Canada this weekend to fight back at Red Bull Racing. Manufacturers are now behind 80 points.

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