BP: Ready for a big project

BP: Ready for a big project

BP shares have recently suffered from profit taking and weak oil prices. Preferred stocks have become a lot cheaper in the past week than trading. The report that BP will become the largest shareholder in the largest energy project in the world is practically lost. This can take the group to a new level.

Because after several small projects in the areas of renewable energies, e-mobility or hydrogen, BP is now making a fuss. In the Australian region of Pilbara, for example, a huge project is planned to produce massive quantities of hydrogen from renewable energies at a cost of more than 30 billion dollars. Britons are said to own 40.5 per cent of the shares in the Asian renewable energy hub. Annually, 26 gigawatts of electricity or approximately 1.6 million tons of green hydrogen or ammonia are produced. The launch is scheduled for 2027. Read more about this here.

DER AKTIONÄR remains bullish for newcomers to its long-term model portfolio. Thanks to the huge profits in the oil and gas business, the British energy giant can increasingly participate in such future projects so that it can make huge profits in the long term using renewable energies, hydrogen and the like. The Dividend Pearl, which is currently valuing very cheaply with an P/E of 6 and a P/B of 1.1 (current yield: 4.8 per cent), remains a buy (stop: €3.70).

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