Boston Dynamics’ new robot is being used to move boxes

Boston Dynamics' new robot is being used to move boxes

Boston Dynamics has revealed its latest robot, Stretch, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it became part of Amazon’s fleet in any given time. and that is The robot, unlike previous amazing models capable of jumping (and To dance), It is determined To transfer funds In warehouses and distribution centers.

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Therefore, it appears to stretch A priori More hands-on than Spot or Atlas, although his character still looks like a robot from Boston Dynamics. It has a square wheel base, a “perception shaft” with cameras and sensors, a multi-joint robotic arm with seven degrees of freedom and a “manual” suction cup that lifts boxes of up to 22 kg.

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picture: Boston Dynamics

As the company explained in its presentation, unlike static robots usually found in warehouses, they can move with relative freedom. As such, they can be combined for crate loading, transporting or unloading. By company:

Stretch is a versatile, portable cardboard handling robot designed for easy deployment into existing warehouses. Unload trucks and build pallets faster by sending the robot to work, eliminating the need for new stationary infrastructure.

They also say that the smart clip it includes uses “advanced sensors and controls” to handle a variety of funds. It also comes with computer vision technology that allows you to mark squares without extensive training. By the numbers, it can be Move up to 800 boxes per hour, “The equivalent of a human employee, while working eight hours between charges. At the same time, employees will only need a few hours of training to use it. “ The company.

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picture: Boston Dynamics

According to the statement, Boston Dynamics is looking for companies to test the technology. With a goal to start sales in 2022. [The Verge]

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