Blomendal also appears weak against Benuki and sees Kampung approaching

Blomendal also appears weak against Benuki and sees Kampung approaching

Bloemendaal was almost unreachable in twelve straight matches, but it is now clear that the team is not entirely out of reach. For the second time in five days, the record champion was damaged. After losing to Den Bosch last Sunday, Thursday evening against Pinochet, a 1-1 draw had to be satisfied.

Just like on Sunday, Bloemendaal never really got control of a match against Pinoké. After half an hour of play, Arthur Van Doren still gave the home side the lead, but then an equal duel ensued, creating opportunities for both sides. On the fifth penalty kick, it was a blow to Benuki. Nicklas Whelen clicked in a tie.

In the final stage, Blomindal forced the visitors to Amsterdam back away, but that did not lead to playing opportunities. As a result, Bloomendal lost five points in five days.

Kampung and Tilburg will meet for the third time

Kampong took advantage of the 4-0 win over Tilburg and now Bloemendaal is on the horizon once again. Utrecht’s deficit for Blomendal has been reduced to five points.

Kampung and Tilburg met for the third time this season. Both teams played a leading role in a riot around Kampung player Jeb Jansen in September of last year. At that first meeting, Jansen was on the field, while he waited for the aura test result. On break he was then told he was positive, and he left immediately.

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