Bloemendaal floors, Amsterdam, all Sunday hockey duels have been canceled

Bloemendaal floors, Amsterdam, all Sunday hockey duels have been canceled

KNHB canceled all matches in the men’s league for Sunday, and the entire women’s program was moved earlier to today. The Hockey Association of Men’s Teams has given space to bring matches one day forward by mutual consultation.

So Amsterdam, Blumendal, HGC and Klein Zweitzerland took action today. Perhaps little Switzerland’s remorse, which fell without a chance against HGC. Before the end of the first half, Hamdan FC took a 4-0 lead and that was it. After that, KZ could have done more against the third-placed in the competition.

HGC actually took the lead in the sixth minute with a penalty kick from Seve van Ass, who also got a 2–0 penalty kick fifteen minutes later. Douwe Vis and Karst Timmer bring the final score to the scoreboard.

Opportunities for both teams

It was even more exciting in Amsterdam Blomendal. Although the Amsterdam team has not booked a single win in the last three matches (2x loss, 1x draw), Sante Frixa’s side – who will leave after this season – have made it difficult for the captain.

At first, Blomendal seemed to be a little short. In the first quarter, the visitors had clearly had the upper hand, leading to Florian Fox’s opening goal. Only then did Amsterdam give up its hesitation and a match erupted in which both teams had chances. But it was Tim Swain that propelled Blomindal to a 2-0 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Bloemendaal 26 unbeaten duels

Six minutes later, the answer came from Amsterdam. Valentin Verga made the connection goal via a penalty kick, after which the home team began another attack. Shortly before the end, Janick van der Drift threw the match in the final on behalf of Bloemendaal: 1-3.

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Due to the win over Amsterdam, Bloemendaal is now unbeaten in 26 straight matches. The last loss of the regular season goes back to May 3, 2019, when the club lost 3-1 to Rotterdam.

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