ARNSON: Dirk is a nice person


It’s early February. The transfer window expired last month. Feyenoord grabbed Prato and Baldi. Feyenoord has also hired several young players to various clubs from the Kitchen Championship and England division. Wehrmann left for Switzerland. On Feyenoord TV, Art Director Frank Arnesen talks about the past period.

This week it was announced that the tournament captain would leave Feyenoord immediately. Arnesen spoke to Catwalker. I’ve had many conversations with Dirk. Dirk is a nice person and I have a good relationship with him. He would have had a good career as a coach, but for now it would have been better to break up. Sometimes the big players want to become a coach very quickly, then you have to protect them from themselves. I talked about it with Dirk. He did not understand it, but this is a great figure of an athlete.

Then it comes to the transition period. The Danish director talks about the club’s motives. Sven van Beek will leave the club after a long time. I talked to him. He asked if it could be rented. He is decent, but has few chances to play. He hasn’t done that in recent years. It is good that he now has the opportunity elsewhere. Narsing has also been rented out. His contract expires at the end of this season. The Dane indicates that he is unlikely to return.

For O-21 players, Arnesen notes it’s a good idea to get hired. I heard O-21 isn’t going to happen. Then she immediately acted. As many players as possible had to be hired. Dordrecht came into the picture. Queen Stum will also watch matches there. But there are players everywhere now. Jordi is located in Switzerland. Hendrix stands out at NAC. We didn’t know how good it was. Now he plays against the men live on TV. During these six months, we can see how good the players are and whether they need to be hired again.

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