Bloctel, the phone door opener has been out since Friday morning

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Change provider…no more cops. This can lead to a sudden resumption of unwanted phone calls.

Blocktel is no longer responding. Phone voice check control has been off since this morning, Incontact revealed. On the main page of this service depending on the Department of Competition and Anti-fraud (DGCCRF), a few lines of explanation appear “As of October 1, 2021, the Bloctel service has changed the operator. This change means a few days of site maintenance is currently underway.” without giving a restore date.

For consumers, this interruption may result in a sudden resumption of unwanted phone calls. In fact, it is no longer possible to find out who is on the Bloctel listings. Likewise, you don’t have to rush to the site to add your name and escape unwanted phone calls: it just doesn’t work.

The origin of the failure is known. DGCCRF has awarded a franchise renewal contract to the IT service provider responsible for updating the telephonic opposition vote-counting list, Bloctel, to Worldline. Hence, it takes over from Opposetel, as of this day, 1st of October. At least in theory. In practice, changing the provider gets stuck.

Ironically,It was the call center specialists who raised the alert level, as a live spokesperson at Le Figaro explains. From a legal point of view, that opens a period of lawlessness because all calls that would have been made or made since this morning are no longer prohibited.Far from the reassurance of this absence of the gendarmerie worries professionals, who are afraid to remind the law.

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