BLACK Bananas opens flagship store in Westfield Mall, Netherlands

BLACK Bananas opens flagship store in Westfield Mall, Netherlands

BLACK BAANAS opens a new flagship store in the Netherlands and selects Westfield Mall of the Netherlands as its base. From the beginning of September, a sports-inspired street fashion label from the Dutch lands can be visited in Leidschendam.

The new store is a true comeback for BLACK BAANAS. For example, founder Wesley Balnecker opened the first mono-brand store in The Hague years ago. Both the founder and a large part of the BLACK BAANAS crew are rooted in this region.

With this store, BLACK BAANAS is back to where the success began. The entire store design is inspired by this homecoming. When you enter the store, you will encounter a known life-size monkey monkey. There, the icon takes its place after a devastating landing. This results in cracked walls, dented furniture, and clothes racks. The concept is aimed at consumer experience and group selling, but also brings the community and artists together in the world of BLACK BANANAS.

Exclusive black banana products only
BLACK BANANAS is inspired by sports-inspired streetwear. This translates into creative designs and comfortable clothing made from the highest quality fabrics. In addition to the main collection, the store also offers exclusive items only from BLACK BANANAS, cooperation and exclusive launch (event). This makes the new store a unique place for anyone looking for the best selection of BLACK Bananas.

The new BLACK BANNAS store can be visited from the beginning of September at Rozemarijn 9 in Leidschendam. There will be an official press launch on September 15 and the opening event on September 16. This event is open to all.

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