5 meters, but failed the Guinness Book

5 meters, but failed the Guinness Book

From Norman Wittkoff
In a YouTube video, two hobbyists want to build the world’s largest keyboard that also works, but it wasn’t enough to make a record.

The giant 70-key keyboard, which was recently shown in a YouTube video on the micro-channel “RKade”, is five meters long and mainly uses a regular circuit board for the keyboard, but is not traditional keys to operate the keys. Instead, the cables were attached to actual solder joints of regular switches, which in turn lead to large contact switches, which are then energized by homemade switches made of PVC pipe and rubber bands.

Meanwhile, cardboard keycaps were made, painted, and lettered. The basic structure or frame of the keyboard itself, along with the key holders, was initially made of wood, although after a while some parts deformed, which is why multi-fiber boards were used instead.

In a 12-minute video of the ambitious craft project, in addition to creating during the construction phase, the operation of the “world’s largest keyboard” is also shown in game mode, which is very laborious due to the colossal dimensions and key stroke of about 30 cm.

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No log entry

In the end, however, there was no desirable entry in the famous “Guinness Book of Records” (the Guinness Book of Records), although the keyboard would clearly have achieved this, at least in terms of size. However, registration was denied because the keyboard is not a replica of an existing real model and was not mass-produced on that model. Accordingly, one seems to be particularly bothered by the switch design and material selection, which is unusual for a classic keyboard, although there is no further information on this matter.

Source: via Golem.de

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