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Bitcoin (BTC) mining bedrijf doet gigantische investering in nieuwe miners

Genesis Digital Assets (GDA), a large bitcoin mining company (BTC), ordered new mining equipment from manufacturer Canaan for $ 93.63 million or € 77.36 million.

GDA ordered the latest model from Canaan; Avalon Miner A1246. The device can hold up to 90 Trash Per second (TH / s). This doubles GDA production, which is currently 140 MW, by 117 MW.

“As of April 2021, our data center has exceeded 140MW, which translates to a total hash rate of over 2.0 exahashes (EH / s). This represents over 1.2% of the global bitcoin mining hash rate. We are on the right track to introduce 5.5. Additional EH / s online over the next twelve months. “

The company said in a recent press release. Genesis Digital Assets is part of Genesis Mining and was established this week. However, it is not clear when these new devices will actually ship, as there is currently a significant global shortage of computer chips.

“No one in the world can mine on a large scale with the greatest possible profit, and we look forward to expanding the GDA in the coming months and years. Our mission is to provide the infrastructure that enables a revolution in the open source monetary system.”

Saeed Abdulmalik Mirakhmedov, CEO and co-founder of the GDA. Recently, an investigation by Square, the payment company for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, reported that Bitcoin mining is not nearly as harmful to the environment as it claims, and is already encouraging the use of green energy. Tesla CEO Elon Musk agreed, but that wasn’t the case for everyone.

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