Big change for millions of TV viewers: many users have to react

Big change for millions of TV viewers: many users have to react

In a press release, Vodafone is currently providing information about an important change for television and radio users. Accordingly, many transmitters will be equipped with a new frequency from August 2022. Thus, approximately 13 million users of Vodafone’s cable network will be gradually converted over the next few months. The modification must then be completed for all users by April 2023.

Background: Vodafone announced during ANGA COM, a congressional trade fair for broadband, television and internet, that the frequency spectra used so far in different regions will be harmonized at the network level from August. This is why many TV and radio stations will also get a new frequency in the cable network.

Change for TV viewers: Many Vodafone customers have to engage themselves

In Vodafone TV, customers will soon have to make an important change.

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Lars Riedel, Head of TV and Entertainment at Vodafone, explains in the press release that most users will not be aware of the change as it will be implemented at night. Vodafone, Unitymedia or Sky receivers as well as modern TVs will find stations automatically after changing.

Important: During the changeover, you should not unplug your devices from the power source and check the next morning if all channels can still be received. If you own an old TV, you will probably have to start a channel yourself so that you can access all the programs on your TV and radio. It may also be necessary to manually edit your favorites list and recordings.

You will find all the important information about changing the frequency in Vodafone with this link. From June, you can also read here when the change date is for your residence.

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