Biden wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions faster

The Cabinet wants to be at the forefront of the least polluting exports


“Scientists are telling us that this is a critical contract,” Biden said during his speech. He said measures must be taken now to avoid “the worst consequences of the climate crisis”. The alternative, according to the president, is that humanity will often have to deal with heat waves, fires, hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters.

Not only did the Democrat paint a threatening picture of the potential future. He also told his colleagues that there are significant economic opportunities for the countries to take the lead. They can get “good jobs of the future”. This is a moral imperative. Economic duty. It is a dangerous moment, but also one that provides exceptional opportunities.

According to US media, the ambitious climate plan should show that the United States is once again taking the lead in tackling climate change. Biden called on world leaders to take the lead in preparing for the climate summit to be held in Glasgow later this year. “We need to do more,” he stressed.

Biden wants the United States to be completely climate neutral by 2050 and his plans go further than his party mate Barack Obama. He wanted to cut emissions by 25 to 28 percent by 2025. Then Republican Donald Trump chose a different path and pulled his country out of the Paris climate agreement, something Biden reversed upon taking office.


Halving US emissions will have dire consequences for the economy. He writes that then the use of fossil fuels should be drastically reduced New York times. It is also unclear whether there is sufficient political support to implement far-reaching reforms. Republicans were already skeptical. Senator John Barrasso concluded that Biden single-handedly decided to make drastic commitments that could harm the economy. “Adversaries of the United States like China and Russia in the meantime can continue to increase their emissions as they see fit.”

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