Biden wants permanent residence for millions of immigrants

Biden wants permanent residence for millions of immigrants

In doing so, Biden is taking a completely different route to his predecessor, Donald Trump, who wanted to get all illegal immigrants out of the country. Barack Obama also made attempts to change immigration law during his reign, but to no avail. The last time a large group of immigrants were granted pardons by a president was in 1986, when Ronald Reagan granted permanent residency to 3 million immigrants, according to the Associated Press.

On his first working day after his inauguration, Biden also wants to immediately reverse some of his predecessor Trump’s decisions through presidential decrees, Ron Klein, Biden’s future chief of staff, said Saturday.

For example, a 100-day mouth mask commitment will be announced first in places where the federal government is responsible, such as government buildings. Biden also wants to cancel the entry ban that Trump has imposed on residents of some Muslim-majority countries. He wants the United States to join the Paris climate agreement again.

Four priorities

Klein did not explain all of the decrees, but he did highlight Joe Biden’s four priorities: combating the coronavirus and climate change, reviving the economy and promoting social and ethnic justice.

“President-elect Biden will show that America is back, and he will take steps to return America to its place in the world,” Klein said.

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