Mountain climbers reach the K2 summit for the first time during winter right Now

Mountain climbers reach the K2 summit for the first time during winter  right Now

A team of Nepalese mountaineers managed to reach the highest point on K2, the second highest mountain in the world, during the winter on Saturday. It was the last eight thousand people to not successfully climb in the winter.

The ten Nepalese climbers reached the highest point at around 5:00 PM (local time). It took them nearly a month to climb.

K2 is located on the border of Pakistan with China in the Karakoram Mountains. The mountain has a height of 8,611 meters, and is known as one of the most difficult heights in the world. It is the highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest in Nepal.

The steep slopes with avalanches and other extreme weather conditions make the K2 a huge challenge even for the most experienced mountaineer. Wind gusts of more than 200 kilometers per hour can occur and temperatures can drop to -60 degrees Celsius.

Dozens of mountain climbers die from K2 every year. According to NASA, 29 percent of climbers don’t survive an expedition (on Mount Everest, about 4 percent).

The death of the Spanish climber overshadows the Nepalese success

The unfortunate death of Spanish climber Serge Mingut overshadowed the success of the Nepalese team on Saturday. He fell into a crack in the afternoon and died on the spot. Earlier in the day, he posted another message on Instagram that he had reached the 7,000-meter mark on the 27th day of his flight.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez De Spaanse call Mingot on Twitter a great athlete mourned his death.

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