Best White Friday Streaming Service Deals 2020: Hulu, Netflix, Tidal and More with Big Savings!

Black Friday Streaming Services

Streaming services is one of the biggest industries in 2020, and it’s now entering annual Black Friday sales offering one of the lowest prices for monthly deals for $ 1.99. The streaming companies led by Hulu, Netflix, Peacock, and even Tidal Music are available to purchase their digital subscription membership.

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The emergence of the global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has increased global dependence on digital broadcasting services, games, the Internet and social media. These industries are many of the industries that have grown into this pandemic and one of the most sought-after technologies today.

Due to shutdown services, people stranded at home have resorted to live and internet services for entertainment and leisure. Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Hulu, HBO Max, and Netflix are among the largest streaming platforms in the country and around the world, and they are the leaders of entertainment in this epidemic.

The pandemic has already ended the days when people buy and receive movies by pill. Broadcasting is in fact the technology of the future that has emerged in present times, being one of the largest industries that has grown throughout the country’s lockdown.

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Streaming Service Deals Black Friday 2020: Best Subscriptions at Low Prices

Black Friday Sale 2020 offers a massive array of subscription services aimed at giving customers massive savings on membership deals. Along with that, free monthly trials are also included in the deals from popular streaming platforms.

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(Image: Hulu)

Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal’s video-on-demand streaming service, Hulu, offers one of the biggest savings for its Black Friday streaming service. The company offers a monthly fee of just $ 1.99 a month for an entire year. Interested subscribers only need to register and join the service now.

Price: $ 5.99 (starting from)

Black Friday Sale Price: $ 1.99 / month for 12 months (save $ 4 / month)

Check out the Hulu website for the 12-month deal.

Netflix via Chromecast


(Image: Netflix)

Netflix does not offer direct sales or reduced rates for its monthly subscription services due to the recent increase in its prices. However, another way is to get a six-month free Netflix HD trial when purchasing the Chromecast that’s currently for sale. A six-month Netflix subscription is already $ 84, but this deal offers one device and one device subscription. This deal may differ for UK deals only.

Price: $ 84 (6-month Netflix subscription) + $ 90 (Chromecast bundle) TOTAL: $ 174

White Friday Sale Price: $ 90 (Save $ 84)

Check out Chromecast on Google.


Peacock TV

(Image: Peacock TV)

Peacock is one of NBCU’s newest subscription services offering a whopping 20 percent discount on first year subscription service. Another deal offers a 10 percent off the $ 99.99 Peacock Premium plan that removes ads from appearing. The offer is valid until November 29 only.

Price: $ 49.99

White Friday Sale Price: $ 39.22

Check out Peacock Premium subscription plans on their website.


Tides Black Friday

(Image: Tides via screenshot)

Tidal is also entering its Black Friday deals of 2020 with a $ 1.99 monthly subscription for four months. The company’s HiFi streaming services offer a huge library of music for all who want to hear a different experience.

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Price: $ 19.99 (Premium HiFi)

White Friday Sale Price: $ 1.99 (Save $ 18)

Check out Tidal’s Premium HiFi Music on their website.

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