Bebe Rexha gets upfront about insecurities in Doja Cat Collab ‘Baby, I’m Jealous’


Unlike the “Me, Myself and Me” singer who talks about her fear of the new tune, songwriter “Say So” takes the confident path with her own story.

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Baby Rexa He is finally back with new music. For her first release of the year, the singer teamed up with her Doja Cat For a collaboration titled “Baby, I’m Jealous” that appeared at midnight on Friday, October 9th.

Her new song found Bibi was upfront about her insecurities as she sings, “She went from pretty to ugly /” because insecurity told me you don’t love me / All it takes is a girl on top of me / in your schedule to make me nothing. “Unlike Bebe, Doja takes the confident path in her own story, ‘Baby, I’m a bad b *** h / if he fendin’ he’s getting a big catfish / Make him dream ‘to stand up for a nap, s ** t. ”

Bebe and Doja have also been teasing that a music video for the new melody will be released soon, with Hannah Lux Davis working as the lead. It is unclear when female musicians will unleash the visuals.

“Baby, I’m Jealous” will likely be included in Bebe’s upcoming second studio album. The “Me, Myself and Me” singer confirmed the project last year, explaining in an interview with Bang Showbiz, “I’m going into the studio now and I’m just getting creative and creating.”

Earlier this year, Bibi L. revealed Ryan Seacrest It is at the 2020 Grammy Awards that her new album is inspired by her mental health journey. “I talk about it all. I’m bipolar and I’ve been very honest about mental health so I’m talking about that but it’s in a pop song so you can’t tell. I’m talking about my relationships – things that are super deep,” she said at the time. “The album is about a lot of my fears and insecurities, so every song has to do with my insecurities because I feel people can relate to that.”

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