Beat Blast Review [VOD] – Review on FilmTotaal

Beat Blast Review [VOD] - Review on FilmTotaal

Director: Esteban Aranjo | Scenario: Esteban Aranjo, Eric Castrillon | Tossing:
Matteo Arias (Carly), Moises Arias (Matteo), Calle Ochis (Mafi), Theo Aguirre (FRM), Wilmer Valderrama (Ernesto), Essam | game time: 105 minutes | Year: 2020

Brotherly love is a special bond. It can provide tension or support to fight or learn. Often all of these things are mixed up, and the mutual differences are of secondary importance. It is about such a brotherhood Blast win. Carly and Matteo move from Colombia to the United States after their father. One is a mathematician and metalhead, the other is a grass smoker who jumps hip with a short fuse. They both hope to find something in the United States that was impossible in their South American country, but constantly get in the way; By regulations, by themselves, but above all by each other.

Their goals are not well thought out and few nuances. And we can thank director Esteban Aranjo for that. For example, aspiring scientist Carly wants to study at the Aerospace Institute and work for NASA. He has an idea for a satellite and the scientific world would be crazy if they didn’t immediately take that idea in full and give him a grant and work for the most famous space agency in the world. On the other hand, Matteo wants to paint, smoke and go to New York. He prefers to be with his new American girlfriend. He just keeps getting in trouble.

It really started in Colombia, where Matteo blew up an open-air theater belonging to a neighboring girl with a firecracker that happened to be taking her with him. The subsequent explosion wasn’t out of place in the Vietnam movie. Problems and solutions are of a level not usually seen in the drama of coming of age Blast win Belongs. It is sharp and inevitable. Without further notice, the carefree American dream turns into a terrible situation where deportation seems inevitable. Unless the ready-made solution presents itself as a Willy Wonka gold wrap. The love-hate relationship between the two brothers also turns from white to black, and from best friends to sworn enemies, without ever going through an intermediate stage of healthy rivalry.

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Especially because of this clumsy way of building and telling the story Blast win Quite a taste of B movie. The more intentional elements technically become outlandish and out of place, and the seemingly random bilingualism at times makes the movie unnecessarily complicated. Like Wilmer Valderrama a few years later That 1970s show Taking on the role of a hardworking father and mediator, little is left for this tale of brotherly love to be loved.

Blast win It can be seen on Amazon Prime Video, Pathé Thuis, and other Video-on-Demand services.

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