Beach-goers in England warned of falling rocks

Beach-goers in England warned of falling rocks

This concerns in particular the so-called Jurassic Coast (Jura Coast), located in the counties of Dorset and Devon. Within two weeks, large fragments of rock walls fell twice.

In the last county, a large portion of a cliff on Sidmouth Beach was cut off on Monday. The rocks continued to fall for hours after that. No one is hurt.

So caution is advised, whether on the beach or on a cliff top, warns a geologist at Watchman. According to her, it is impossible to predict where the rocks will fall, because cracks in the rock walls are often not visible. It likely arises because more clay layers shrink due to drought and other rocks expand due to heat.

Like the Netherlands, the UK is dealing with a heat wave this week. The country has also suffered from drought and heat in the past for some time. For example, the place where the Thames usually rises has completely dried up. The source of the river that runs through London is now about six miles away.

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