According to the French minister, almost all forest fires are the fault of the people | Currently

According to the French minister, almost all forest fires are the fault of the people |  Currently

The vast majority of forest fires in France are caused by humans themselves. This was stated by French Minister Gerald Darmanin (Home Affairs) on Wednesday in an interview with journalists. It is estimated that at least nine out of ten (unintentional) wildfires are caused by people.

France is also struggling with severe forest fires this year. Many of these fires have been found to have been started by humans. Darmanin cited the large bushfires southwest of Bordeaux as an example. Bushfires are currently burning there, after a sea of ​​fire already started in July.

French police have arrested a number of people suspected of starting forest fires. Among those arrested was a member of the volunteer fire brigade. He may have started trying to start bushfires as early as May, because he loves to put out fires.

Darmanin believes that the current fire in the Bordeaux region is also the result of an intentional act. The fire started at roughly the same place as the previous fire. In addition, smaller fires erupted elsewhere in the region within a short period of time.

Thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes as a precaution. Vacationers were asked to leave the camp site for the same reason. Darmanin called for more volunteer firefighters to be sent from across the country. He also said Italy and Sweden would send additional firefighting planes on Thursday to help put out the fires.

Other frequently cited causes of wildfires include careless fires, and car accidents in which a burning vehicle hits the side of the road and releases sparks from trains. A forest fire broke out in northern Ardish County on Wednesday and is said to have started along the berm of a tourist steam train track.

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