Barnfind turns out to be a Subaru Colin McRae and produces €300,000

Barnfind turns out to be a Subaru Colin McRae and produces €300,000

An old Subaru that was recently found in a shed in Australia has sold for $315,000. The dusty car turned out to be a rare crowd legend.

Subaru Impreza

In a photo published by Lloyd Auctions, we see a rather sad Subaru Impreza covered in a thick layer of dust. It has the right shade of blue and the right golden rims, but you wouldn’t immediately think you’re dealing with a rally legend.


At first, it was thought that the old Subaru would turn in about 12,000 euros, but then an expert from IAARS discovered something remarkable. ICAARS stands for International Classic Car Certification and Classification System and this party performs independent vehicle inspections to ascertain the origin and authenticity of the vehicle.

Carlos Sainz in Colin McRae

The expert discovered that it was not just a Subaru Impreza, but an original car for the World Rally Championship. The car in the 90s was driven by Carlos Sainz (father…) and Colin McCray. The car is considered one of the most important rally cars ever.

Collect more dust

In 1996, the blue rally car retired and ended up in a shed. Thankfully, it wasn’t tampered with and the original 2.0-liter turbo was still up front, paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. It looks like the auction house has polished the car a lot and the correct stickers have been applied again.


The racing beast came to A$490,000, or about €315,000. According to Safe House, the Impreza was purchased with cryptocurrency, making it one of the first racing cars to be purchased through the auction house with digital currency.

Photo’s: Lloyd Auctions

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