Bachelor Thomas wore a wig on secret dates with Meryl

Bachelor Thomas wore a wig on secret dates with Meryl

We have been back since December 2nd and had to do everything in secret until today. Exciting and very funny, but at a certain point the fun is gone,” Thomas writes about the first few months of early love between him and Meryl. “Then I also realized I was going to miss it, so I have to enjoy it for a while.”

But since yesterday, we all know: It’s a thicket between the two. “Now it’s finally allowed to be seen together in public,” Thomas says on Instagram. How did those prank dates go? “Together to Paris and Bremen and winter sports in Switzerland. Booking two different flights was really strange.

Thomas ordered a photo printer because he couldn’t print photos of them together at an official store. “Now then a wig if you have to pick it up or take it down,” he says in a series of photos that also feature a picture of the couple with a headpiece on.

The time for disguise is over. †Baby we made it† Now we can enjoy each other more. Lovers also allowed friends and family to celebrate Thomas’ 30th birthday at a holiday destination.

all episodes BSC See you at Videoland. Watch Thomas and Meryl’s first kiss below.

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