Avocado is strong for 50 days thanks to its natural coating

Avocado is strong for 50 days thanks to its natural coating

In a study on the effect of the natural coating Shel-Life® on avocados, the Chilean Agricultural Research Institute was able to show some clear benefits of this product that may be important for the future of the sector. The study was conducted on the Hass variety of avocados.

Among other things, Shel-Life, a product developed by PolyNatur, has been shown to help avocados maintain their stability for 50 days in normal air or controlled atmosphere storage. The differences with uncoated avocados were significant.

In addition, this study was able to demonstrate the effect of Shel-Life on drying avocados during cold storage. After 50 days of storage in natural air, coated avocados showed an 8.5% reduction in weight due to dehydration compared to avocados without shell live. In the case of controlled atmosphere storage, this percentage increased to 12.8%.

The study also showed that Shel-Life delayed the ripening process of Hass avocado by 3 to 5 days without changing the internal or external condition of the fruit.

The study leader, Dr. Bruno Devilleby.

“These results scientifically demonstrate what different export companies from different parts of the world have already experienced in practice,” said Francisco Palma, founder of PolyNatural. “We are pleased to know that our product helps contain exporters’ losses from fruit wastage due to drought and pollution. Our solution also responds to consumer demand for foods with fewer synthetic chemicals.”

To date, PolyNatural has developed products not only for avocados, but also for citrus fruits, pit fruits and pit fruits. The company is already present in the Chilean and Peruvian markets with its products and now hopes with the results of this study to soon reach the sector in other countries of the Americas, such as Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

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