Austria did not participate in the 1938 FIFA World Cup because the country had already been dissolved

Austria did not participate in the 1938 FIFA World Cup because the country had already been dissolved
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On March 13, 1938, Austria joined Germany during the so-called annexation† So the country was dissolved, and with it the national team – just before the start of the World Cup.

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Austria was one of the main contenders for the 1938 World Cup. The country had already qualified for it, but canceled itself overnight. The national team no longer exists.

Eleven days later annexation It became clear that this was a problem, since at that time an exhibition game between France and Austria was to be held. The French pulled out, how can you play football against a country that no longer exists?

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So the Austrian Football Association was dissolved in the same month, with which the country also withdrew from the World Cup. And this is still unique, because not again after that a qualified team did not participate, because the country of these players was dismantled.

He replied, “It’s actually a strange thing in the world these days.” The Revue of Sports in this news. ‘That’s how you are there and that’s what you are no longer! For example, how long has it been since Austria scored in the FIFA World Cup? Maybe a year! This registration ends automatically. † † † Austria no longer exists.

A strange sensation must have been; Something like sleeping at night with a beautiful proud head and then waking up in the morning like a billiard ball. So Austria no longer exists, and so does Austrian football, which once played a strong role in the international football world.

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Sweden will play Austria in the first round and advance automatically. The Germans have just received the best Austrian players Manshaft dies† The planners thought that this would most likely be a German football party, because in the 1934 World Cup, Germany and Austria finished third and fourth, respectively. Together, these teams will be unbeatable.

Nothing came of it, because things went wrong in the first round against Switzerland. In the first match, it was drawn and according to the rules of that time, the game was replayed. The Germans lost the score 2-4.

sexy, thought that Review: “In ten years Switzerland could not defeat Germany. Now they suddenly beat Germany in addition to Austria, the winners of the third and fourth prizes in a row in the previous world championships,

International joy was immense over this nationalist decline of socialism. The German national team was mercilessly whistled by tens of thousands of French fans during their matches. There was a lot of laughter in our country. Cheer ‘Isn’t it a football fairy tale how the Swiss national team won the replay against Germany?’ The Revue of Sports

The Revue of Sports Then he came to a justified conclusion: “In the annals of football history, this 3.5 hours of football between little Switzerland and the great Grosz-Deutschland will not be forgotten!”

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