Australian motorsport coach defends Massey’s incredible talent

Australian motorsport coach defends Massey's incredible talent

Australian motorsport chief Eugene Arroca has replaced Michael Massey, who lost his job as Formula 1 race director on February 17. “He really is a huge talent,” Aroca says.

Prior to moving to Formula 1, Massey worked in V8 Supercars, an Australian class, as race director, but when Charlie Whiting died, he took over as Formula 1’s race director and was race director for three years. Formula 1 race director After the final race of 2021, he was criticized by Mercedes in particular, which led to Massey losing his job, which Arocca doesn’t think is fair.

“It’s very easy to criticize from the sidelines,” Aroca says. “Other race managers would absolutely panic in a situation like this. He just kept calm and made a decision. That’s a character trait of a strong person.”

Back to Australia

So Aroca confirms that Massey is very welcome in Australia to pick up his old work. “It’s just a unique talent and it would be a shame if it wasn’t used. So we are keeping the door open,” he said. Speed ​​Cafe

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