Australian cheese grower fined thousands of euros for ‘yoghurt smell’

Australian cheese grower fined thousands of euros for 'yoghurt smell'

Cheese farms in the Yarra Valley, a wine region just above the Australian city of Melbourne, have been fined by the Environmental Protection Agency.


A spokesperson for the authority speaks to local media about the “unbelievable” stench. The smell is so strong that it causes “discomfort” in the environment. The company’s website states that thirty employees working on cheese farms make fresh French and Italian cheeses.

The cheese trade had already been warned last year and had the opportunity to address the problem. At the time, the authority advised that cheese growers could treat the wastewater to prevent the smell from spreading strongly.

Some improvements

“The company has made some improvements, but the strong smell is still there,” the spokesperson said.

Because the locals are still upset about it, the company will be fined. “We’re here to protect the environment. Everyone who runs a business has to take responsibility.”

Also in the Netherlands the smell is annoying

Not only do people complain about the bad smell in Australia, but it is also a problem in the Netherlands. Earlier this month, the Zembla research program concluded that people in Deurne should enter their garden with a pinched nose. In that Brabant place, there is a stench of pigs and chickens in the air.

The study showed that despite the Odors and Cattle Breeding Act – which took effect in 2007 – things haven’t improved. There are many places in Holland where people live under the stench of cattle. This can be harmful to your health.

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