Australia is tired of MRH90 Taipan helicopters

Australia is tired of MRH90 Taipan helicopters

CANBERRA – The Australian Armed Forces have decided to withdraw 41 NHIndustries MRH90 Taipan helicopters early from service. Previously, it was decided to replace the French Tiger attack helicopters in 2025 with a similar number of Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardians.

The main reasons for selling Taipan variants are disappointing performance and lack of suggested improvements. The same sounds are heard for the six MRH90s in service with the Australian Navy. The fact that NHInsdustries gave away NH90 for free as compensation apparently did not affect this decision favorably.

This imminent decision became apparent in October 2021 when the US Senate Export Committee gave the go-ahead for the sale of twelve MH-60R multirole helicopters to Australia. The country may also order thirty T-700-GE-401C engines (including six spare parts) as well as the necessary weapons and mission systems.

In December 2013, the Australian Navy received the first two of 24 pre-ordered Sikorsky MH-60R helicopters via Lockheed Martin. At Lockheed Martin, it is equipped with important systems with which it is possible to track submarines and surface ships. Both MH-60Rs are built for search and rescue missions at Lockheed Martin. The last of the helicopters were scheduled to be delivered to Australia in 2016.

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