Aussie Broadband is getting a special tube for massive Call of Duty updates

call of duty update aussie broadband

Call of duty The updates are significantly huge. They’ve become such a big problem for Australian networks that NBN Co specifically called out CoD when it announced its new Gigabit speed class earlier this year. Patching may get a little easier in the future, with Aussie Broadband partnering with Activision-Blizzard to provide a custom tube.

Massive Call of Duty updates on NBN

Aussie Broadband discussed the issue of the giant gaming patches in a recent blog post. I talked about the connection issues that occur when “game developers don’t offer alternative ways to receive data”.

Without an alternate path, all traffic ends up in the same place and the entire network suffers. Or, in other words, someone’s Netflix might suddenly be heading to shit because elsewhere on the network a lot of people are trying to download cod Update.

But the issues do not end there.

Sufficient server capacity is required from developers in order for an influx of users to successfully obtain a patch without speedy downloading.

So basically, there is the possibility of problems on both sides.

Aussie Broadband explains in the blog post: “In the case of COD, content is mainly delivered by content delivery partner CenturyLink and the 100G, now 200G, to IX Australia.” “With the number of people trying to download the update, CenturyLink ports are full and pushed to capacity.”

Activision-Blizzard dual data capacity for Australian ISPs

So what is the solution? For now, there are two.

The first is to increase Activision-Blizzard’s data capacity destined for Australia through CenturyLink, a company that provides infrastructure services in the United States. Activision-Blizzard already has a 100GB port with CenturyLink and now it will have two ports.

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The move is designed to help Australian internet service providers deal with the bulky matters Call of duty Updates and any other games such as Activision-Blizzard wow And Note and observe.

Aussie Broadband gets direct link to Activision-Blizzard

but that is not all. Aussie Broadband is also partnering with Activision-Blizzard to mitigate traffic caused by big game patches (like Call of Duty) from the rest of the network.

This basically means that when the Aussie Broadband patch drops, Aussie Broadband users will have a direct pipeline to Activision-Blizzard on top of CenturyLink. Hopefully, this helps mitigate the overall network congestion.

“Activision-Blizzard appears to be experimenting with delivering patches across their content delivery network along with their current arrangements. They have also agreed to have a private network interface directly with us,” Aussie Broadband said in a blog post.

“This means that we will only have a private highway for our customers. This CenturyLink” shared “highway will not completely bypass 200G, and will be used alongside each other for mutual benefit.

“When our customers connect to our network to download the new update, they will be automatically sent to the dedicated highway and CenturyLink Expressway simultaneously, greatly expanding the available capacity and we hope to improve the overall patch experience with increasing download speeds,”

This is a big problem and it will be interesting to see how it is implemented in practice. Gizmodo Australia has contacted Aussie Broadband regarding the timings about these new releases.

Fastest plans for Aussie Broadband NBN

And if you are looking for the fastest NBN plans Aussie Broadband has to offer then here it is compared to other plans in Australia:

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