‘Attack’: Solaredge and SMA Solar in ‘extremely severe’ emergency over Putin

'Attack': Solaredge and SMA Solar in 'extremely severe' emergency over Putin

Solar module sellers are overwhelmed – demand has never been this high. As reported, 25 percent of households want to switch to solar energy. The emergency in two large solar gates shows that the Germans are already in the midst of a spending spree.

Optical 4 all

“too strong”

Photovoltaik4all, a solar mail order company, now writes: “The rush towards cheap PV systems and eco-solar from your rooftop is at its peak.” The reason: Electricity prices and other energy costs are on the rise. The result is that you are “heavily hesitant”.

“a lot has been sold”

Also at Solar-Pac.de there are not enough modules and inverters from manufacturers such as SMA and Solaredge. It says here on the homepage: “Due to the currently unusually high demand, a large number of our articles have been sold.” However: “All articles in the show.” Despite the maximum amount of additional work, it is not currently possible to process all queries immediately.

Hot inventory report

Warehouse 2030 (excerpt)

These stocks are still there

Solar stock is still available and has not been sold. Since 2019, we rely on Solaredge in Green Warehouse 2030 (+670 per cent) and recently purchased successfully SMA Solar for €31.90. Now also heights New at Depot 2030 is the pioneer of private solar technology With European imagination.

Biggest boom ever?

Now, after contacting the council, we’re buying another “green” stake for 2030. Simply activate it here and get the right advice for what could be the biggest solar boom ever and an early stage energy transition. We are looking forward to the revolution.

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Start Warehouse 2030

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