Athletic short: Battlefield in Genoa, Sampdoria sack their coach too | sports

Athletic short: Battlefield in Genoa, Sampdoria sack their coach too |  sports

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Sampdoria sacks its coach after a string of defeats

12.02 pm: Italian soccer club Sampdoria sacked coach Roberto Daversa after six months. D’Aversa, 46, has to leave due to a disappointing performance. Sampdoria’s last league win dates back to December 10.

Genoa have lost their last three games and are just above the relegation zone in Serie A with 20 points from 22 games, behind Daversa Claudio Ranieri last summer in the previous Italian league.

Sampdoria finished ninth in Italy’s top league last season under Ranieri. The 70-year-old Italian now works in England as a coach at Watford.

In Sampdoria, Daversa was able to reach Mehmet Ihtarine, among others, who was captured by Juventus from Eindhoven and subsequently stationed in Genoa. However, 19-year-old Utrechter did not get any time to play for Sampdoria and decided to leave Italy in the fall. Ihattaren is training for himself at the moment. FC Utrecht is interested in taking over the attacking midfielder on a lease basis from Juventus. Last week, Sampdoria’s management were furious over an interview given by Hahtarin in De Telegraaf, in which he said no one at the club would sponsor him.

Remarkably, both clubs from Genoa fired their coach within a few days. Andrei Shevchenko left Genoa on Saturday after disappointing results.

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Worst cyclocross riders and Ronhar not in the Hogerhead World Cup

10.09 am: Anne-Marie Wurst and Pim Ronhar are absent from the Dutch cyclo-cross squad that will travel to the United States next week for the World Cup on European soil. This is my World Cup final show in Hoogerheide. The Sausage, who has won silver at two World Cups, will still ride a cross at Hamm in Belgium on Saturday. That’s what Bem Ronhar, the reigning title holder with promises, does, too.

The other World Cup participants are showing themselves in Hoogerheide, after most of them missed last Sunday’s World Cup in Flamanville, France. The men are Lars van der Haar and Korn van Kessel, the latter was located in the coastal town of Normandy and took seventh place.

With the women, except for Worst, all toppers are present, including World Cup winner Lucinda Brand and Denise Betsema. Wim van Impel, who claimed her second World Cup title on Sunday, and Beck Peters also crossed at Hoogerheide, after which they boarded the plane two days later.

“From a sporting point of view, there may be less risk than in other years, but it is always good to travel to the World Cup with a good result and a good feeling. This gives confidence”, says national team coach Gerben de Knecht, who chose eleven men Fourteen women to participate in the match in Hogerheide.

Suns basketball players move away from Warriors at the top of the NBA

8.21 am: Basketball players Phoenix Suns walk away from the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Division I Western Conference. The Suns recorded their 33rd win this season at the Detroit Pistons (135-108), while the Warriors lost 119-99 to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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The San Francisco team is in a lower stage. The Warriors have lost five of their last seven NBA games. Without injured star Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors lost to Minnesota for the 12th time this season. That compares to 31 wins, twice less than Sun’s, who has lost nine times.

The Phoenix Suns’ victory over the Detroit Pistons is credited to Devin Booker (30 points), Cameron Payne and Gaval McGee (both 20 points).

Despite the so-called triple-double by Serbian Nikola Jokic (25 points, 15 rebounds and 14 assists), the Denver Nuggets lost to the Utah Jazz (102-125). Donovan Mitchell scored 31 points for the Utah Jazz, while Rudi Goubert scored 19 rebounds. The Salt Lake City team is third in the West with 29-14.

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