Apple will have to accept alternative payments on dating apps

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Apple’s (forced) openness to the world continues in Europe. Apple will now have to accept alternative means of payment on dating apps located in the Netherlands.

Despite its reluctance to allow third-party payments on its platforms, Apple will eventually have to comply with a restraining order imposed by the Netherlands, targeting Allow dating apps to use third-party payment systems. After video games, this decision could also mean the end of Apple’s dominance of its App Store.

On December 24, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) required Apple to open its payment system to third-party solutions. A decision that follows the Match Group’s complaint, notably the owner of Meetic, Tinder and OKCupid that began in 2019. Faced with the Netherlands’ competition authority, Apple had until January 15 to comply with that decision, proposing New optional rights. related to in-app purchases. After announcing its intention to appeal that decision, Apple had to keep the lights on and make some changes to its general terms of sale. her way to avoid 50 million euros fine in case of delay.

Two new options, but increased responsibilities

From now on, Apple will offer three payment options for dating app developers. They can continue to choose Apple’s purchasing system – which comes with strict strict taxes – or, conversely, choose to follow their own payment alternatives. Thus it will be possible toInclude payment link in the app, which will redirect to the developer’s website, or simplyIntegrate a third party payment system directly in the application.

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Apparently Apple continues to preach to his diocese. In a note to developers, the company insisted that by switching to a third-party payment system, you will no longer be able to “Verify the integrity and security of payments outside the App Store’s private and secure payment system”. The Company will also not be able to intervene in the event of a refund or a dispute with the User, as the purchase will not appear in its payment history.

Why dating sites?

At the moment it is intended for dating sites, because after directing the lawsuits brought by the Match Group, this European decision could be a sign The beginning of a small revolution in the old continent, is already very attentive to Apple’s dominant activities. Remember that all over the world, similar decisions are beginning to be heard. In Japan in particular, Apple has been forced to accept third-party payment systems on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, or even Kindle. A decision that should be circulated by the end of the year.

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