“Atelier Sophie’s Alchemy 2” officially launched, feel free to try it | 4Gamers

"Atelier Sophie's Alchemy 2" officially launched, feel free to try it |  4Gamers

Koei Tecmo officially released “Atelier Sophie 2 ~ The Magical Magician of Incredible Dreams”, which was previously exhausted due to scores, at the Tokyo Game Show on (2) today. This work is also a relaunch of the Arland series. After “Lulua’s Atelier of Alchemy”, the old business series was restarted again.

It’s a bit surprising that the Taiwanese media got a chance to play the game so early on. It’s really rare to be able to play the game before the first release of the game. In addition to the official information released this time around, the following will also contain some thoughts on our demos.

“Atelier Sophie 2” is the first act in the “Atelier Sophie” series that achieved the highest sales volume in the “Atelier Sophie” series. “Atelier Sophie ~The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book~” is the second generation this time around. A Generation will continue in the story chronology, and it will be before the second “Atelier Felice” in the “Unbelievable” series.


The story goes that Sophie left his hometown of Kilcher. Bill embarked on a journey with his partner Pravda, and found a tree just like a dream of Pravda on the way. Just as the two of them were getting close and wanted to investigate in detail, they were suddenly sucked in by an astonishing vortex and sucked in by the vortex…


Sophie came to a world called “Edwig” and began to search for the lost Pravda. It was learned that the chemist Pravita ran a chemistry workshop outside the village. Sophie went to the place immediately but a strange girl appeared in front of her …

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In addition to the second “Prafta”, this time she also announced another new character “Rami Jieer” (Biography: Takahashi Li Yi), who is responsible for leading the village in “Edwig” “Loytyr” and promised to help Sophie find Pravda.


This time, “Atelier Sophie 2” uses the new technology of “Atelier Lysa 2”, so that the characters are more beautiful and lively, while the original painting and voice actors are the same.

The battle in this game consists of a “turn-based battle” of 6 people, as well as 2 teams of 3 attackers and 3 defenders working together, a “cooperative multiplayer turn-based combat” where attackers and guards are switched for coordinated attacks, reading exploration Zero directly enters the “Seamless Unfolding Combat”, etc., which fully enhances the rhythm of the game.


Atelier Sophie 2 ~ The Chemist With An Unbelievable Dream ~_20210922181446


In addition, a variety of combat performances are used in this action, such as the “double trigger” nirvana cast by any two team members, etc., so that the battle screen and special effects are also upgraded to a higher level.

In actual gameplay, the battle of “Atelier Sophie 2” is really different from the previous works. The main attack and command will remain on the three attackers, while the defenders will assist in the attack. Show, but the elements in this part are very heavy. Plus, the great two-person tactics really add to the whole fight.




Atelier Sophie 2 ~ The Chemist With An Unbelievable Dream ~_20210922181522

Next is the chemistry part. First of all, the collecting system this time is somewhat similar to “Lysha’s Alchemy Workshop 2”, that is, you can see what materials can be collected from raw materials before assembly and before each map you enter, you can also see the monsters and materials that will appear in the area.

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Atelier Sophie 2 The Chemist With An Unbelievable Dream ~_20210922173859

For the Alchemy project, like the previous one, as long as certain conditions are met, the formula can be “understood”. Blending This work uses the familiar Blend Palette in the Unimaginable series. That is, put the materials in the grid in the board to create new props, a system of a puzzle nature. As long as you put the right material into each grid, you can play a variety of effects.

Atelier Sophie 2 The Chemist With An Unbelievable Dream ~_2021092182512

If you play the Atelier Sophie, you can understand at a glance what this chemistry system plays, but unlike the first generation, it is easy to come across a substance in a generation and eat a lot of webs. .

Atelier Sophie 2 ~ The Chemist With An Unbelievable Dream ~_20210922180227

But in this presentation, you can see that most of the material does not eat the nets very much. But on the other hand, the bingo system was also introduced this time, so how to arrange the material positions is still a science. But the biggest advantage of this change is that there is no problem in arranging the materials.

Atelier Sophie 2 The Chemist With An Unbelievable Dream ~_2021092180234

However, the official revealed that this game has two types of boards, players can choose a normal board or an inverted board that is difficult to mix to mix. Although the surface of the inverted board is more complex, as long as the materials can be smoothly formed, good props that are difficult to obtain in the general board can be mixed.



The official announced that there will be an archive link, early stage, and physical private tokens. In addition, several versions were released. In addition to the general edition, the physical edition has a special edition and a collector’s edition. Digital Edition includes a Standard Edition, a Digital Deluxe Edition, and a Digital Deluxe Edition + there are three season tickets. “Sophie’s Atelier 2” is expected to be released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on February 24, 2022, and on Steam on February 25.

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