Asr is also committed to energy transformation through the acquisition of the Nieuwe Hemweg . wind farm

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Utrecht, 4 April 2022

ASR is also committed to transforming energy through the acquisition of: Wind farm Nieuwe Hemweg

asr has acquired the Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm in the Amsterdam port area from Vattenfall. The wind farm was completed last year and includes six new wind turbines. Wind farm Nieuwe Hemweg is the third wind farm to purchase real estate on behalf of Era Enhances its contribution to the energy transition and a sustainable living environment.

In total, the six wind turbines have a combined capacity of 13.2 MW. This corresponds to the energy consumption of about 10,000 households and is much more than the eight wind turbines in the port area to be replaced. Vattenfall will continue to purchase power from the turbines after sale. This investment contributes to the goal he set It also invested 4.5 billion eurosIn impact investments by the end of 2024.

Dick Gort, CEO of Era Real Estate: “Era wants to be a leader in sustainable entrepreneurship in the financial sector. I am proud that we Three wind farms this year, to increase our interest in sustainable energy projects that we are investing in on behalf of Era, along with the Jaap Rodenburg wind farm in Almere, part of the Arrian wind farm in Wehringermere, we will soon have three operating wind farms. In the future, we will continue to focus on renewable energy sources that contribute to energy Relocation and a sustainable living environment.

About the Nieuwe Hemweg . wind farm

Windpark Nieuwe Hemweg is distinguished by its unique location and collaboration. NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) owns the land on which the mills are located. Vattenfall built the wind farm and the land around it is part of it ProRail. It is the first wind farm in the Netherlands next to a train station. the windrm reopened on July 7, 2021. Vattenfall replaced the eight turbines with six more powerful wind turbines at the NS buildings in the port of Amsterdam.

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About Aser Real Estate Company

As a real estate asset manager, Asr Real Estate has been managing and investing on behalf of its clients in homes, shops, offices, farmland and infrastructure for over 125 years. For professional investors, the company manages five Dutch real estate funds and individual asset management mandates for national (international) real estate. ASR is looking for the long-term development of real estate and is part of ASR, one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands.

from Vattenfall

Vattenfall is a leading European energy company that has been providing electricity for over 100 years Energy for people’s homes and modernization of everyday life through innovation and collaboration. Vattenfall wants to create a file Life without fossils is possible within one generation. To achieve this, the company is driving the transition to a more sustainable energy system with increased production of renewable energy and smart energy solutions for customers. Vattenfall has approximately 20,000 employees and is mainly active in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United States Kingdom, Finland and France. Vattenfall is a Swedish state-owned company.


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