APSS is closely monitoring bird flu developments in the United States – Dagblad Suriname

More than two million poultry have already been culled in France as part of the fight against bird flu to contain its spread. Sources learned this Wednesday from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

Usually, farms located in the southwest of France are mainly affected by bird flu, but now the Loire region has been hit hard.

Eric Hilversum, President of the Suriname Poultry Sector Consortium (APSS), obtains hatching eggs from the United States (US). There is also an outbreak of bird flu in the United States. US news websites reported that the outbreak affected several farms in the East Coast and the Midwest part of the United States.

Hilversum explains that he is adhering to the 90-kilometre safety zone established by the Suriname authorities.

If bird flu approaches the place where he imports his products in the United States, the entrepreneur will stop importing from the United States. He has already voluntarily stopped importing from Europe. Hilversum says Europe is much smaller than the United States. As a result, the impact of the outbreak in the United States does not have to be the same as in Europe due to the great distances.


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